Thrifted Highboy Dresser Makeover

  It’s no secret that I love to bargain shop – flea markets and thrift stores are my jam. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me to stop in my local thrift shop once or twice a week. A little excessive? Maybe, but that’s how you find the good stuff. So I was pleasantly surprised by the number of antique and thrift stores on the main strip into Gatlinburg. Unfortunately we were so busy working at[Read more]

A Simple Light Hack and Progress at White Mountain Cottage

I have a thing with lights, and by that I mean I have a tough time matching my design ideas with my wallet. I ran into this problem in our kitchen renovation and we ended up building our own light for the island. When it came time to shop for a dining room chandelier for White Mountain Cottage I ran into the same problem.  So today I plan to share with you how I overcame my dilemma and updated a basic[Read more]

White Mountain Cottage: Bathroom Plans and Inspiration

sanding the floors at White Mountain Cottage

After four straight weekends working at the cottage, we’re taking a break until after Christmas. With a few extra hours on my hands this week I thought a quick update on our progress and some bathroom plans would be fun to share. If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen some of the things we’ve been working on in my stories but if not here is a quick recap of what we’ve been up to lately. Right before[Read more]

White Mountain Cottage: Kitchen Inspiration and Plans

kitchen demo and renovation plans

We’re in a fun rut at the cottage. The excitement of demo is over and we can’t start putting things back together because we still need to refinish the floors. We originally planned to hire professionals but my confident and capable DIY husband has decided we should try to do it ourselves. So after taking a weekend off we’re headed back to the cottage Friday to sand, treat and poly the floors. In an effort to stay productive, or distract[Read more]

DIY Mortar Wash Fireplace Makeover

It’s time for the first update on our progress at White Mountain Cottage. Last week we shared the Before Tour, if you haven’t seen what we started with go check it out! Before we could start anything there was a lot of cleaning to do. Cleaning out furniture and décor that was left behind. Cleaning years of cobwebs and cat hair. A lot of cleaning… Then we had to get the interior ready for paint. We usually paint ourselves but for[Read more]

White Mountain Cottage: Before Tour

title photo

Last week in our announcement post we shared that we recently purchased a home in Gatlinburg,TN that we intend to update and use as a vacation rental. This week we want to share a full before tour and the details of our renovation plan. We visited the house the weekend after we closed and spent some time clearing out the house, taking photos and making plans. One thing I regret not doing when we renovated our kitchen and bathroom is[Read more]

A Special Announcement

Let me start off by apologizing for the lull around here the last few weeks. It’s not for lack of work or progress around the house but because we’ve been gearing up for a new project. Now finally, after a month and half, all the final details have come together and last week we closed on our very first investment property. I’m so excited to introduce you to the soon to be White Mountain Cottage, a small A-frame chalet in Gatlinburg,[Read more]

Reveal Day: The Powder Room

Next week will mark one year since we started working on this house. We knew we were getting into a lot when bought our first real fixer upper (with two kids two and under) but I don’t think you can ever really be prepared for what it actually takes – physically and mentally. We’ve put in countless hours and accomplished a good bit but our list is still long and some days it wears on us. Every room seems like[Read more]

Fixer Upper Inspired Wood Light

I don’t know about you but it seems that when I’m working on putting a room together most of the time I can’t find exactly what I want or need to finish the space. Take our light above the new kitchen island for example. We really wanted to make the existing electrical work and avoid spending money on an electrician. So we had to find a light that had a plate across the top like the old light. I looked in stores,[Read more]

Chalk Painted Bookshelf Makeover

My husband and I have been shopping at the Nashville Flea Market since we moved into our first [tiny] apartment 8 years ago. We try to go every month unless it’s unbearably hot or uncomfortably cold. Over the years we’ve furnished two apartments and two houses with mainly pieces we’ve found there. I’ve found you never find what you went there looking for but you ALWAYS leave with a treasure. A few months back we found the sweetest pair of[Read more]