$60 Farmhouse Inspired King Headboard

I’m back with more progress on our master suite renovation and I’m excited to share with you how we made our king sized headboard for only $60. We started out shopping around some local stores trying to find something that fit our style and budget. I’m not sure why we really ever try because most of the time we end up DIYing it anyways. We’d save a lot of time if we just got smart and skipped that step. This time was no different. I couldn’t find anything anywhere that was really the look I wanted so we went to the drawing board and came up with a plan.

Let me start by saying that this is not meant to be a tutorial. My husband is the brains behind such projects and I just tell him how I want things to look. There are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest. The point here is to show you that you to can have the look you want without spending oodles of money.

We went to Home Depot and picked up up everything we needed. We decided to use the incense cedar fence pickets because (1) they’re cheap and (2) they had the rustic, warm wood look I wanted. We needed 15 pickets and a 4×8 piece of 1/2 plywood.

Because we wanted the posts of the bed frame to match we decided to make our own posts using the fence pickets. Here you see my husband cutting them down to 4.5 inch wide for the front of the post. 4.5 inches is arbitrary and just what I thought would look good for the size and scale of the headboard.

He also cut another piece down for the two sides of the post and then using the brad nailer made the post and secured it to the plywood backing.

The posts are 48 inches tall and the plywood starts 18 inches from the floor.

Next, it was my job to design the outline for the top of the headboard. To do this I used wrapping paper and cut it to the width of the bed frame (78 inches). I folded the paper in half and then got to work. This is the design I finally came up with…

Then we unfolded the paper and taped it to the back of the plywood. Then I carefully traced the design onto the plywood.

We flipped the plywood back over and started laying the fence pickets in random pattern being careful to not have too many seams stacked near each other. We secured each board to the plywood using 1/2 inch brad nails.

Once all the boards were attached we flipped it over and used our jig saw to cut along the outline I traced earlier.

Then I used the electric sander and 60 grit sand paper to get rid of any rough edges or surfaces.

We really only have one wall in our bedroom that the bed works on so part of the reason this project was so easy and cheap was because we secured the headboard to the wall. My husband used a piece of scrap baseboard to trace the cut out so the posts could sit flush against the wall.

We marked the studs on the wall and then used wood screws to secure the headboard low enough that we knew the mattress would cover the screws.

I wanted a natural finish so I picked up some Watco Finishing Oil. This stuff is so easy to use and I love that it doesn’t have a sheen to it.

To apply I wear rubber gloves and use an old rag (old T-shirts work great!!) to wipe the oil on. See how it enhances the natural color of the wood?

After two coats applied in less than an hour I was done! And here it is finished. Not bad for $60 and three afternoon naps worth of work.

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