First Look at Our Fixer Upper: Part One

Welcome to The Dutch Farmhouse!

img_7678I’m so glad you stopped by and am excited to show you around our new home. We purchased our fixer upper recently and have only just started to scratch the surface on the work that needs to be done, but we love it already. It has all the potential to be our dream home and just feels right to us.

My husband had the chance to meet the owner before we moved in and get the inside scoop on the house’s history. Turns out that the house was built by a famous country music star in the 1970’s for his daughter as a wedding gift. How cool is that? To live in the Nashville area and have a home that has its roots in country music?! Anyways, the lady we bought the house from started her career as a back up singer and bought the house some 35+ years ago. When she had children of her own she decided to stay home and made a living making stage clothes for country music performers. I tell you all this to set the stage for what your about to see…

Today I want to show you around the first floor.

When you walk in the front door it opens up on the right into the living room. The floor plan is already pretty open and you can see into the living room from the kitchen which I love. The first floor has beautiful thick crown molding and we plan to add some detailed millwork and maybe some builtins as well.


To the left of the stairs is the dining room. I’m really excited to have a formal dining room again. I know they’re kind of passe, and you can call me old fashioned, but I love to come together with my family for dinner around a set table and re-connect after a long day.


There’s a large cased opening between the living room and the sitting room or breakfast nook (I haven’t decided yet. I think we’re just going to have to wait and see how this space will suit our family best.) I’m dreaming of white shiplapped walls and a reclaimed mantel in here!


It flows right into the kitchen.


And off the kitchen is the family room. The paneling is going to come down and we’re going to lighten up the room with some paint and new flooring to match the rest of the first floor. This room is also the back entrance to the house and will be the “drop zone” for our family.

IMG_8169 IMG_8166

On the other side of the house is the master suite and quite honestly it’s a big project! We want to add a half bath for our guests and will have to rework the entrance into our bedroom to avoid having to walk through our bathroom first.


Just look at this awesomeness.

I think everyone who has seen this in person had made a comment about tripping or falling into the tub in the middle of the night.

And then there’s the bedroom…


 Yes, those are mirrored walls (and the ceiling too!) The wallpaper even has a velvet texture to it. It’ll be a while before we move into this room. It needs a lot of love but its workable.

Well, that’s it for the first floor.

We couldn’t be more excited about making this house our home. We’ve already started working on a few things and I’m excited to share that with you and hope that you’ll follow along on this crazy journey of ours.

Stay tuned for a tour of the upstairs and outdoor spaces!

Many smiles, Brianna

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2 thoughts on “First Look at Our Fixer Upper: Part One

  1. Brianna, this is an awesome blog! I am so excited to the progress! Keep up the good work and God bless you for taking this on.

  2. Hi Brianna
    This blog is great! It will be fun to see the progress of the renovations. You certainly have the talent to make this home your own. So happy for you and Brian!

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